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"I had no idea how beneficial chiropractic care could be! Dr. Richmond took the time to clearly explain the process and he and his wonderful team (Debbie and Karen) have been taking excellent care of me! For the first time in many years, I have a neck and back that don't hurt! I can't thank them enough for removing the pain from my every-day life. I urge anyone who has ever considered visiting a chiropractor to schedule an appointment NOW with Dr. Richmond! You won't regret it."

- Lisa Spickler Goodwin

"My Family and I had our first experience with Dr. Richmond & Dominion Chiropractic and it will for sure not be our last ! Wonderful caring staff made the initial visit a breeze especially with a toddler and the play area ! Our newly three year old daughter has already seen a difference in her congestion and ear infection after one adjustment with Dr. Richmond. I currently 5 months pregnant standing on my feet 10 hours a day feel like a whole new person after just one adjustment, we cannot wait to get back in ! We HIGHLY recommend DC!!!"

- Payton Gordon Hackney

"We have a standing monthly appointment for the WHOLE FAMILY....mom, dad, 10yr old, 7 yr old, 3 yr old and 6 month old. Dr Richmond adjusts us all and it is so beneficial to their whole well-being. Our baby's reflux went away. Our older kids sleep better and their moods are improved. Even though we have been going for years adding our kids to the routine was a great decision."

- Catherine Black Ogletree

"I was able to avoid having surgery because of Dr. Richmond. You have to do your part and follow directions for at home exercises and everyday precautions. As long as you do that it will make all the difference in the world. I am no longer in constant pain and it is wonderful."

- Randi Dayton

"Dr. Richmond is a great Chiropractor! He really cares and listens to you. He has helped me fix an elbow problem that affected not only my personal life but my business too. You owe it to yourself to see him!"

- Ken D'Souza

"Dr. Brad Richmond is great. He takes his time and listens. I have more motion and less pain in my neck and back than I have in years. If you are in pain, set up an appointment. You will not regret it."

- Carol Ann Taylor

"I have been a strong believer in Chiropractic care for many years ... Ever since I first started at Dominion Chiropractic Clinic .... And that has been just shy of 25 years! The staff has been like family to me and I owe my good health to them! Young people out there . . . Get yourselves in there and get started on a good wellness program. Remember, your body is like a car, if the car is not properly aligned, it will not run as well and the parts will wear out sooner!"

- Jody Litwinowicz Brown

"What can I say ? Walked in there 20 years ago this month, in terrible pain. Dr. Eisenberg walked my through it and started mentoring me on a whole new view of holistic living. I've been on the Wellness Monthly Plan for years and am so much better for it.

Dr. Richmond, who has joined more recently, is also a wonderful Dr.

A great staff that has been in place for years makes it all the more comfortable for a new patient."

- Duane Snead

"I go to Dominion Chiropractic, every time I go I feel so good when I leave. I miss 3 months but started back last week, what a different. Drs and staff are the best. Very helpful and know what they are doing. I recommend them highly. Grace and Peace. Thank you to a very Professional STAFF."

- Gerri Payne

"Dr. Eisenberg started working with me way back in the 1980s. Don't know if I'd still be moving around without his help. When I am in pain, he gets me back in line and I can keep on going. The staff has always been friendly and helpful."

- Renee Priddy

"This place is AMAZING! Dr E, Dr Richmond, Karen & Debbie are all like family. Dr. Richmond helped my plantar fasciitis WITHOUT surgery. Dr E makes sure I stay my best aligned self each month. I am so much better since making DCC my choice for chiropractic care."

- Monica Vannoy

"I have been a patient at Dominion Chiropractic Clinic for over 5 years. I have always received great service, adjustments and advice. Not only working on spinal alignment, Dr. Richmond has provided exercises and adjustments on my knees which has immensely improved my mobility and quality of life. Their staff is always cordial and they work to schedule appointments that meet your needs. They also have excellent massage therapists on staff. I would highly recommend Dominion to anyone!"

- Dale Hughes Sherman

"Chip and I have been seen by Dr. Eisenberg and Dr. Richmond. BOTH are absolutely TOPS! We are so rejuvenated after our adjustments. Their personalities are very addictive. It is always enjoyable just to be in their company! Karen and Debbie - both of you are fabulous! All four of you make an awesome team!!!"

- Betty-Moore Scavone

"First time ever seeing a Chiropractor. I was a little nervous at first, but Dr. Richmond talked me through everything and now I enjoy going to my appointments because I know I'm gonna go in giggling none stop with Dr. Richmond!! Thank you for letting me be goofy while you're cracking my back!!!! Haha"

- Angelica Balcarcel

"I've known Dr. Eisenberg for over 20 years and he's always treated my family as if we are his own. Due to insurance changes, I am now being treated by Dr. Richmond. Dr. Richmond has invested a lot of time and energy in improving not just my spinal health, but my overall health as well. The Ladies of the Practice are so kind and gentle. I really enjoy and look forward to my appointments."

- Sherry Armstrong

"I always look forward to seeing Dr. Eisenberg. He does an awesome job and especially the rolling table which I call, love taking a nap. Zzzzz! I always feel so much better after my visit and the whole staff is truly amazing. Thank you!"

- Susan Williams Andrews

"Back in 1988, I was evolved in an auto accident. Tried to go back to work, but could not do it.My Dr., George Wedd sent me to Dr. Eisenberg. Three trips in and three trips out.I was a new man.Been going once per month since. He keeps me tuned-up. Recently, I have missed my monthly visit due to other heath matters(open heart triple by pass) Boy! Can I tell the difference.

Dr. "E" is always positive and up beat. I wish him well as he slides into retirement."

- Linda Chase

"I love Dominion Chiropractic Clinic, I have been going to Dr. Eisenberg for about 17 or 18 years because they are the Best around!!!! Dr. Eisenberg and his staff are excellent when it comes to customer service, they always have room for me to come in if I need to!! I have not had the back and hip problems that I used to have since I have been going there. I am on the Wellness plan so I only go once a month. Dr. Eisenberg is usually in the Best Doctors in Richmond, which is voted on by his peers. If you need to know anything else, contact me, I know all about them!!!"

- Linda Thompson

"I'm a patient of Dr. Richmond, and have nothing but great things to say about him and his practice. His knowledge is second to none but his ability to make you feel like a friend is why I keep coming back. Great office I would recommend them to anyone."

- Nate Hackney

"I have been seeing Dr. Eisenberg at Dominion Chiropractic Clinic for many years. He is on the Chiropractic board and has been voted one of the Top Docs in the Richmond Magazine at least twice. My cousin used to come all the way from Gum Spring to see him and I believe he is one of the best.

I come once a month."

- Marie Taylor

"I love these guys. Come to the medical office where you are greeted with a smile, seen on time, and walk out feeling great. If you need help with your pain come and see my docs, you will not be disappointed."

- Ronald Lynch

"I've been going to DCC monthly for numerous years. The monthly visits allow me to do basically what I want to do physically. Thanks to Dr. E and staff I've been able to participate in not only daily task (mostly warehousing work) but I also competed in the RE/Max World Long Drive Championships in 2013 and am currently a Demo Day Tech w/Cobra Golf. Without their help I'd be on the sidelines like too many others are. I say spread the word about Chiropractic Care and Dominion Chiropractic Clinic."

- Dennis Duncan

"If you are suffering with neck or back pain then Dr. Richmond is the person you need to see."

- Andy Roberts

"After many years of neglect of my back condition, I tried to begin jogging, and well, things got much worse. And then I met Dr. Richmond at an event at RVA4 Fitness. I began to receive chiropractic adjustments regularly from him, received a lift to wear for my short right leg, and last week, after about 3 months of work on my lower back, Dr. Richmond says I can begin jogging again! Want to know the best part??? I have not had pain for over a month now! My old best friend, ice pack, sits in the freezer unused day after day. Thank you Dr. Richmond for your hard work and encouragement to get me back in such great shape! I look forward to coming to see you monthly for my maintenance treatments! Looking forward also to seeing friendly faces, and getting my "naps" on the roller machine. Thank you all at Dominion!"

- Jackie Ott Williams

"Before beginning treatment at Dominion Chiropractic I would wake up regularly with migraines. After 6 weeks of chiropractic adjustments, I no longer have this problem. The healing I have experienced physically has created a ripple effect of healing in all other areas of my life.

Thank you Dr. Richmond, Dr. Eisenberg, Karen and Debbie for all that you have done for me and my family. We love you guys!!!"

- Savannah Rawlings

"This is a first class office; Dr Richmond cares and is passionate about helping people! I would highly recommend!!"

- Michael Avery

"I love Dominion Chiropractic. I went to another chiropractor for a year because my hands kept going to sleep without any relief. Within 6 weeks after seeing Dr. Richmond I was able to crochet again. My hands are getting better each day."

- Debbie Dietrich Austin

"For years and years I have thought badly about the chiropractic industry because of negative people's influences over childhood.

After meeting, working with, and getting adjusted by Dr. Brad Richmond I can say Dominion and specifically Dr. Richmond ROCK!

I'll be referring all my athletes and clients his way!"

- Andrew Lee

"Before I started regular visits to Dominion Chiropractic, I was in pain every day and was feeling VERY old! I feel like my visits, give me my life back! I am pain free (most of the time) and no longer feel like I am prematurely aging. Thank you for making me feel good!"

- Jennifer Simsick Street

"I've been seeing Dr. E at Dominion Chiropractic for about 25 years now. I originally went because of pain from an injury to both my upper and lower back from trying to start a lawn mower (it won). Now with my regular wellness visits I stay in great shape and when I do have the occasional problem here and there he gets me back on track so I can live a healthy active lifestyle."

- Beth Autry Dunkum

"I have been to other Chiropractors but none have provided me with such a thorough exam to get to the root of the problem. I am impressed with the amount of time the doctors take to listen to me and help me be pain free."

- Cheryl Dingman

"I have enjoyed my experience at Dr. Eisenberg. I recommend all people young or old to go to a chiropractor.

I can speak from experience that Dr. Eisenberg is the BEST. I recommend him to everyone who ask me about going.

He keeps me in shape!

Thanks Dr. E !"

- Hilda F. Jones

"I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dominion Chiropractic Clinic has adjusted our family several times now and we can already tell a HUGE difference. Our kids have been not been sick near as much and that has to be attributed to the adjustments. Thanks Dominion Chiropractic Clinic!"

- Ryan Clore

"Best chiropractor I know! Dr. Richmond is kind and sincere! He is one of a kind!"

- Alan Benoit

"Dr. E and Dr. Richmond are fantastic! I have found their chiropractic care to be a valuable complement to other wellness providers."

- Dionne Baxter Kumpe

"This has been an amazing experience. I have a total sense of well-being after spending time with Dr. Eisenberg."

- Lauren Sender Cooper

"He keeps me 'loose.' I don't tighten up or feel as stiff."

- Sammie Hopper

“Dr. Richmond helped me solve an elbow issue that affected my personal and professional life. He took the time to really listen and was able to address not just the pain but the actual reason why it was hurting. I can't say enough good things about my experience here. Don't put off dealing with pain anymore and go see him you won't regret it!”

- Kenneth D'Souza

“The entire crew over at Dominion Chiropractic is amazing. When I say amazing I mean it. Dr. Richmond really knows what he’s talking about and takes the time to explain everything. He walks you through your visit step by step educating you on the process and what they can and will do for you. He provides great tips to help improve your health. He goes beyond to make sure you know how to take care of yourself even after the visit. It’s not just and in an out experience where you feel like a number. You actually feel like patient care is number one there. I explained my problems and he actually listen to each detail and followed through with care. I have always been nervous about going to the Chiropractor but I feel safe and well taken care of when I go there. The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable about what they do and take the time to get to know you as well. I am seeing significant improvement and I highly recommend going to visit Dr. Richmond and his staff at Dominion. The care and knowledge they provide will go beyond the visit!”

- Megan O'Neill

“I've known Dr. Richmond for 7-8 years now. I can't speak highly enough regarding not only his chiropractic skills, but his true and honest compassion for his patients. If you are in pain, this is the office to go to.”

- Andy Roberts

“Dr. Richmond and his team really care about the patients and want to make sure you feel comfortable. My neck and back feels better than it has in years. You deserve to feel better, too! Call them.”

- Carol Taylor

“Great and caring staff. I have been going to this office for over 4 years. The staff is more concerned with my healing then with how many times I come to see them in a month. My monthly visits are well worth the time.”

- Claire Anderson

“Dr. Richmond is outstanding in providing wellness tips for everyday living. He takes his time explaining how he plans to improve your health. Sets goals & strives to attain them in a reasonable time frame. The staff is friendly & supportive. Highly recommended.”

- Sherry Armstrong

“I'm a large 67 yr old man, 6' 4" and 275 lbs. I've tried other chiropractors and never really been satisfied nor saw much improvement in dealing with my arthritis, back aches or headaches. Dr. Eisenberg and Dr. Richmond are both very capable of "bouncing me around". In other words they are able to manipulate my body easily and I know when I walk into their office, regardless of which doc I see, I'll be walking out of there feeling much, much better. And Debbie and Karen are both friendly and helpful to every patient and a pleasure to deal with.”

- Wesley Espenschied

“I'm a patient of Dr. Richmond, and have nothing but great things to say about him and his practice. His knowledge is second to none but his ability to make you feel like a friend is why I keep coming back. Great office I would recommend them to anyone.”

- Nathan Hackney

“Every time I go to Dominion Chiropractic the staff is friendly and helpful. The treatment I receive from Dr. Richmond is thorough, way above average, and I can tell he is passionate about what he does. I look forward to my visits, and highly recommend! Thank you Dominion Chiropractic!”

- Malia Edgell

“If you have never tried chiro this is the place to go. Dr. Richmond is very good at explaining everything he is doing, and the staff is very caring. It has helped me and I know it will help you.”

- Gene Sherman

“I have been seeing Dr. Richmond for several years now and would recommend him to anyway that wants to improve their quality of life and management of pain. He has helped me to get rid of all systems of tennis elbow along with managing hip and leg issues. He and his staff are fantastic!”

- Cheryl Blankenship

“Dr. Richmond and his staff are 1st class, I would highly recommend to anyone who is experiencing back, neck or leg pain. Dr. Richmond cares and it shows; he will work hard to find a solution. I love his enthusiasm and passion!”

- Michael Avery

“My father and I have been going to Dr. Eisenberg collectively for a dozen years. The clinic and the staff are awesome and completely helpful. Dr. Eisenberg and Dr. Richmond really know what they are doing and aim to end coming for care, not to continue coming.”

- Hannah E.

“Dr. Richmond treats his patients with respect. An Air Force veteran and an amazing doctor!”

- Alan Benoit

“Great service and office staff. I'm always welcome, they're always on time and I am completely satisfied with my care. I highly recommend Dominion Chiropractic Clinic!”

- Paul Epperson

“AWESOME Doctors and Staff. They work hard to keep you healthy. I'm very happy with the services here. Feeling no pain because of your work. Thanks for everything.”

- Monica Vannoy

“I went for neck and shoulder pain, and was treated only a few short weeks with great success! Love this place! Great staff, thorough care, I can't say enough good things about Dominion Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Richmond and Dr. Eisenberg are great! Thanks for helping me!”

- Allen Bingler

“I'm very thankful for the staff at Dominion Chiropractic Clinic. My entire family has benefited from being adjusted. They were very thorough and patient with our little ones and explained very clearly what they were going to do and why they were going to do it. My 2 year old felt so comfortable he's asked us when we're going back :) Thank you!”

- Jenny Clore

“Dr. Brad and the staff at Dominion Chiropractic are phenomenal. Scheduling an appointment was simple, check-in was quick and painless, and the medical care provided was top notch. If you are looking for a pleasant experience and professional care go to Dominion Chiropractic.”

- Robert Fowler

“Dr. Richmond is the best chiro in Richmond. He treated me and my family before we moved to Florida. He's great with kids and I make it a point to see him every time we are back in town visiting family in Virginia.”

- William Abrahams

“I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dominion Chiropractic Clinic has adjusted our family several times now and we can already tell a HUGE difference. Our kids have been not been sick near as much and that has to be attributed to the adjustments. Thanks Dominion Chiropractic Clinic!”

- Ryan Clore

“Dominion Chiropractic enables me to live my life pain free. The staff is amazing. Highly recommended!”

- Matt Grammer

“Dr. Richmond is a great guy. He addressed all my needs in a professional manner and the office staff is top notch. I highly recommend this office.”

- Maggie Schaefer

“Dr. Richmond gives excellent adjustments and has unlimited knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. Don't do what I did and wait for pain or headaches or sickness to happen before you go see him. He can keep you from even getting there in the first place!!!”

- Josh Jausel

“Before I started regular visits to Dominion Chiropractic, I was in pain every day and was feeling VERY old! I feel like my visits, give me my life back! I am pain free (most of the time) and no longer feel like I am prematurely aging. Thank you for making me feel good!”

- Jennifer Street

“When I started seeing Dr. Eisenberg over a year and a half ago I was in constant pain in neck and back. Now my neck is pain free most of the time and my back only hurts when I have done a lot of strenuous work. I am able to enjoy the simple things of life again without pain. Thank you Dr. Eisenberg. Also the staff is great.”

- Andrea Harris

“First visited because of some lower back pain, and Dr. Eisenberg was able to locate the problem areas and realign them in short time. Years later, I still visit for monthly wellness checks, and I've never felt better. Thanks!!!”

- Scott Street

“Very professional and thorough service. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has back issues.”

- Solomon White

“I don't have many pain issues, but when I do, an easy to schedule appointment to get realigned, makes the pain vanish. Dr. Eisenberg explains things in an understandable manner, and works efficiently to eliminate my pain.”

- Ann Eisenberg

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